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Blog Archive: June 2013

Diverse Target Market? Use Promotional Cups!

June 26th, 2013

It's obvious that giving away promotional products is an excellent marketing technique, but choosing the perfect item for your company is often difficult. If you're not sure what type of item to order for your event, you might consider designing custom stadium cups.Why are personalized stadium cups such a great idea? For one, they're among the most useful promotional pieces that you can purchase. …

By Tim Jones
Posted in Stadium Cups
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Create Good Clients and Strong Customers

June 20th, 2013

Nothing brings out the passion in people like a sporting event. Everyone loves to cheer for the home team and fans stay loyal even when their team is losing. That kind of dedication makes for good clients and strong customers. That’s exactly why you want to use tailgate and sports promos to get that kind of consumer to use your brand.Sporting events last for hours, and people often extend the ev …

By Allison Hook
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Associate Your Brand with a Good Time

June 18th, 2013

Everybody loves a party. People like to meet and interact with each other, especially when food and drink are also at the party. Parties are great ways to promote business, but only if you’re using your parties the right way.Use party stuff to promote your business, and put a variety of those items to good use. People are going to use plastic or paper cups and other party supplies, like napkins, …

By Tim Jones
Posted in Can Koozies
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Support Your Team ... And Get Some Advertising Attention too!

June 13th, 2013

The best marketing items get your business or group information in front of many people in an inexpensive way that’s frequently seen for a long time. Marketing tools should generate customers by creating a brand image for your business of group. A proven marketing tool, stadium cups, put your business’ information in the palm of your future customers’ hands.Custom-printed stadium cups are pr …

By Tim Jones
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Branded Drinkware is Always Useful

June 11th, 2013

Point blank, people love stadium cups. Used as a promotion for a sale or an event, given away for free or with the purchase of a drink, lots of folks will stop by just so they can get their own plastic stadium cups. After all, they're large, they're roomy, they're convenient, and they look great. Combined, these traits make them perfect for giveaways and promos at store openings, tailgate parties, …

By Tim Jones
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Spice Up the Corporate Grind

June 7th, 2013

Corporate events get a little dry, which is why companies and businesses should always share swag bags with their employees. There's nothing better than instilling company pride by sharing items with your valued workers. There are all kinds of things you can easily decorate with your logo or motto and your employees appreciate any gifts they receive. Whether you're having a picnic, holiday party, …

By Tim Jones
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Find Out! Which Promotional Products are Right for Your Party?

June 5th, 2013

You're party may not be pirate themed, but incorporating custom pieces into your party is always a good idea! Do you want a better way to promote your company by working your promo items into the party? Instead of handing out key chains or other trinkets, use your party products as promotional pieces so that you can use them in your own event and others can enjoy them at home in the future.What k …

By Tim Jones
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