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Postcard Magnets

A postcard magnet will ensure that you cut through the mailbox clutter. Provide your target market with a message that sticks (literally to file cabinets and refrigerators). We have multiple size magnets that are adhered right to the post card. We can handle our custom post card marketing campaign from concept to mailbox.
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Postcard Magnets
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Postcard with Business Card Magnet

as low as $0.32 ea.
from $0.32 to $1.05 ea.
Are you ready to learn how postcard magnets can maximize your direct mail and post card marketing efforts? (read more)

Postcard with 3.5" x 6" Magnet

as low as $0.47 ea.
from $0.47 to $1.52 ea.
Studies have discovered that this combo is read more than regular direct mailers, so it gives you a great way to gain interest in your company. Or you can use this combo for other professional or personal purposes as well. (read more)

Postcard with House Shape Magnet

as low as $0.46 ea.
from $0.46 to $1.19 ea.
Cut through the mailbox clutter with a custom postcard with house shaped magnet. Postcard magnets create results and conversations. (read more)
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