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Foam Finger

Our foam fingers come in a variety of sizes and gestures that genuinely make it a #1 promotional product. As with all of our products, we offer numerous color options and printing options. We are always updating our inventory and have custom foam fingers not even listed yet. Contact one of our product experts to find the perfect foam finger for you!
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Foam Finger
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6" #1 Foam Finger

as low as $0.63 ea.
from $0.63 to $1.00 ea.
These darling miniature #1 personalized foam fingers are so cute to give out to kids in school or at PeeWee or Little League events. They fit right on top of a pencil or child's finger and can be used ... (read more)

18" #1 Foam Finger

as low as $2.54 ea.
from $2.54 to $2.85 ea.
Let everyone know who is Number 1 with the #1 Foam Finger promo product. Available in 11 bright colors, this personalized foam finger will stand out among the crowd easily. (read more)

16" Victory Foam Hand

as low as $2.60 ea.
from $2.60 to $3.38 ea.
Shout out "Victory!" to the stadium crowd with this custom foam finger formed in the classic victory sign of a two-fingered letter "V." (read more)

18" Victory Foam Hand

as low as $2.75 ea.
from $2.75 to $3.52 ea.
When you are ready to shout "Victory!" as your team wins the game, this Victory Foam Hand will help you out. (read more)

16" Thumbs-Up Foam Finger

as low as $2.14 ea.
from $2.14 to $2.91 ea.
Give your favorite sports team a big thumbs up with this Thumbs-Up Foam Finger. Its the perfect size to be noticed when you sit in the stands and cheer on your local team. (read more)

18" Gig'em Foam Thumb

as low as $6.68 ea.
from $6.68 to $7.79 ea.
Personalized foam fingers make the best props for sports fans at college basketball, baseball and football games. This foam fist is available in 13 bright and vibrant colors. (read more)

16" High Five Foam Hand

as low as $2.28 ea.
from $2.28 to $3.17 ea.
Give your team your rousing support with a High Five Foam Hand at your local arena whenever you want to shout out. (read more)

7.5" Foam Brick

as low as $1.03 ea.
from $1.03 to $1.80 ea.
Build a marketing statement with our engaging Foam Brick by showing your customers how your products and services can build a healthy clientele base. (read more)

#1 Foam Finger

as low as $2.54 ea.
from $2.54 to $3.08 ea.
Foam fingers are always a fan favorite for any age group. This fun way of supporting your favorite team or organization is something that will be loved at the game, and probably hung at the home after the event. If you are looking for a great fan favorite promo, the printed foam finger is the perfec ... (read more)
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