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Not many things make you look cooler than a classy new pair of sunglasses. How about taking a winning product and customizing it to sport your logo? We got everything from budget-minded promotional sunglasses to metal framed designer sunglasses. Browse the selection below and view our most popular pairs of sunglasses.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to hear more about all the options we offer. We are always getting new items in stock that are not yet listed. Pick out your favorite sunglasses and let us handle the rest from designing the artwork to printing.
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Crystal Sunglasses

as low as $2.05 ea.
from $2.05 to $2.87 ea.
While the competition waste time on garbage giveaways, promote with something that everyone wants! These Custom Crystal Sunglasses are sure to top other promotions. (read more)

Retro Sunglasses

as low as $0.85 ea.
from $0.85 to $1.84 ea.
What better way to promote your old school company than in an old school way! Imprint your company trademark on these popular Custom Retro Sunglasses! (read more)

Classic Sunglasses

as low as $1.70 ea.
from $1.70 to $2.85 ea.
Place your promotional message or logo on these customized sunglasses in your choice of color and be the one the whole town is talking about! (read more)

Cruise Sunglasses

as low as $1.70 ea.
from $1.70 to $3.01 ea.
Have the crowd buzzing down the boardwalk in style wearing these Custom Cruise Sunglasses sporting your personalized logo in the color you choose! (read more)

Foldable Classic Sunglasses

as low as $2.21 ea.
from $2.21 to $3.36 ea.
If your campaign is cooler than most, why not use the Foldable Classic Sunglasses to promote? Great for events like summer promotions, concerts, and outdoor parties. (read more)

Slazengerâ„¢ Pilot Sunglasses

as low as $15.15 ea.
from $15.15 to $26.01 ea.
Take flight with clients hovering these awesome aviator style custom Pilot Sunglasses over their eyes! These Customized Aviator Sunglasses are a perfect fit! (read more)

Slazengerâ„¢ Tour Sunglasses

as low as $12.68 ea.
from $12.68 to $21.68 ea.
Want to party like a rock star? Go on tour with these Custom Slazenger Tour Sunglasses! Attach your personalized logo to the case and have your company rocking! (read more)

Slazengerâ„¢ Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses

as low as $21.26 ea.
from $21.26 to $37.59 ea.
These Custom Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses make an ideal corporate gift. With multiple lens, these sunglasses are sure to be used in all occasions! (read more)

Custom Sunglasses Strap

as low as $0.67 ea.
from $0.67 to $1.28 ea.
This extremely practical neck strap is essential for keeping your sunglasses in place anywhere you go. The ultimate eyewear accessory customized to match you new custom sunglasses. (read more)
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