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Looking for a promotional product that you can't categorize? You've found the right location. From cutlery to locks, garden sets to knives you'll find unique promotional products here, happy browsing!
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Custom Zippo® Windproof Lighter

as low as $18.12 ea.
from $18.12 to $28.91 ea.
If you're looking for hit promotional products to give away during your next promotional campaign, you should definitely consider investing in custom Zippo windproof lighters. (read more)

Imprinted Fun Fidget Spinner

as low as $1.79 ea.
from $1.79 to $3.13 ea.
The perfect fun spinner with your logo or company name imprinted to show everyone. Ideal for reducing stress and keeping you tuned in on the task at hand. (read more)

Custom Zippo® Money Clip

as low as $3.68 ea.
from $3.68 to $7.21 ea.
When it comes to keeping track of your money, you need to make sure any cash is secured in an appropriate manner. When carrying it around, though, it's ideal to keep it in a custom Zippo money clip. (read more)

Personalized 7-Day Pill Case

as low as $0.76 ea.
from $0.76 to $1.29 ea.
Personalized medicine containers make for great promotional gifts. Your workers and employees will love receiving a gift that promotes their health and safety (read more)

Promotional Sunglasses Clip

as low as $1.02 ea.
from $1.02 to $1.53 ea.
When it comes to fun promotional items, you can't go wrong with a clip for your sunglasses. Best of all, your customers and employees that you distribute them to will be greatly appreciative. (read more)

Imprinted Shoe Shine Polisher

as low as $0.56 ea.
from $0.56 to $1.03 ea.
A shoe shine buffer is especially beneficial for business professionals, so make sure to gift each your business colleagues with a shoe shiner the next time you see them. (read more)

Imprinted Stand-Up Pocket Mirror

as low as $0.59 ea.
from $0.59 to $1.11 ea.
When it comes to imprinted promotional products, you can't go wrong with investing in an imprinted stand-up pocket mirror and they also provide a great way to increase your brand awareness. (read more)

Promotional Pocket Sized Sewing Kit

as low as $0.65 ea.
from $0.65 to $1.23 ea.
While you might not think that everyone likes sewing, an emergency sewing kit is perfect for stashing away until it's actually needed. Your customers will be truly appreciative that you gave them a gift that can be of such great use. (read more)

Custom Vanity Personal Care Kit

as low as $2.98 ea.
from $2.98 to $4.87 ea.
Giving away unique promotional products is often difficult but not when you invest in nail care kits for your customers and employees. They will greatly appreciate that you have gifted them with a kit that is easy to tote around. (read more)

Cross Business Card Holder

as low as $9.78 ea.
from $9.78 to $14.45 ea.
Not only are these personalized business card holders perfect for you, but they also make for an excellent type of promotional gift. You can give them to your employees, business partners, friends, and customers. (read more)

Cross Personalized Money Clip

as low as $9.78 ea.
from $9.78 to $14.45 ea.
When you hand out these personalized promotional items during your next marketing campaign, your customers will be greatly appreciative. (read more)

Pedova Personalized Travel Wallet

as low as $7.82 ea.
from $7.82 to $11.54 ea.
Think about how happy your customers and workers will be when you gift them with a leather travel wallet. In addition to being extra versatile because the wallet can hold lots of cards and documents. (read more)

Pedova Custom Passport Wallet

as low as $6.35 ea.
from $6.35 to $9.37 ea.
If you have customers and employees who often travel internationally, you should definitely consider gifting them with one of these wallets. (read more)

Imprinted Wooden Handle Pocket Knife (13 function)

as low as $7.82 ea.
from $7.82 to $11.54 ea.
If you're looking for a promotional gift that will make a statement, don't overlook the imprinted wooden handle pocket knife as a gift, your customers and employees will know that they are truly appreciated. (read more)

Custom Wine Opener Gift Set

as low as $18.62 ea.
from $18.62 to $34.69 ea.
With a custom wine opener gift set, you can rest assured opening the wine bottles won't be an issue. Fun promotional items come in many forms, with a wine bottle opener being one of them. (read more)
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