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Miscellaneous Promotional Products | Your Promo People

Imprinted Shoe Shine Polisher

Product Code: JHSM-9444
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Unique promotional products are widely available, so you just have to know what you're looking for.  Take for instance an imprinted shoe shine polisher.  You might not immediately think of this product as a promotional product, but truth is that it makes for the perfect gift.  A shoe shine buffer is especially beneficial for business professionals, so make sure to gift each your business colleagues with a shoe shiner the next time you see them. 

Shoe shining brings about many benefits to both men and woman.  Being that both genders often wear shoes made of leather, this makes it all the more advantageous to gift them with a best shoe shine polisher.  By showing your customers that you want to help them take care of their shoes, you are showing that you care about them as more than customers; this helps increase customer loyalty.  Here's a closer look at the benefits of giver away shoe shine polishers as a promotional gift. 

  • The polisher bottle can be customized: You probably never thought shoe polisher could enhance your brand awareness, but this is exactly what it does when you give away bottles of it that have been personalized with your company name and contact information.  

  • Clean shoes make for happy feet: No one likes to walk around with shoes that are dirty, especially when going to work or on a long distance trip.  By giving your customers and employees an imprinted shoe shine polisher, they can take comfort in knowing there shoes will always look their best. 

  • Great way to leave a good first impression: Whether it be going to an interview or on a first date, having dirty shoes is sure to leave a negative first impression.  With clean shoes, however, a person can have confidence in knowing his or her shoes will look the absolute best. 
Product Colors
Imprint Colors
Product Details
Product Code: JHSM-9444
Material: Plastic case

A Simple Product for a Simple Promotion.

Coolies are cool, man. Need we say more? They are the perfect summer promotional product that people love to have at BBQs, outdoor sporting events, weddings, and crazy parties with friends. Easy to customize and inexpensive, coolies have become one of our most popular items. So chill out, we've got you covered with custom coolies. Just remember to have a cold one for us.

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Coolies & Koozies
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