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Traveling Koozie Heads To Key West

April 7th, 2014

Anyone who has spent any time in Key West, Florida probably understands why it is the perfect place to make sure you carry your favorite koozie. This island haven for boating, fishing, and other outdoor sports that all go together with having an ice-cold beer in hand is the perfect place to wrap up your brew in a can koozie.

Key West KoozieWe at Your Promo People can't help but wonder how Ernest Hemingway drank his beer on his deep-sea fishing expeditions in Key West without a personal can cooling system like the koozie. Thankfully, you never have to know what lengths Papa had to go through when trying to drink his beer before it got warm back in the first half of the 20th century. We have indeed come a long way in our modern conveniences! The fact that the can koozie is simple and low-tech makes it even more amazing. Simply wrap a can coolie around your favorite beverage and head for the beach, bar or boat.

We recently heard from a client who had to escape the frigid climes of northern Indiana for a week this past winter, and he confirmed that Key West, or Cuay Hueso, is the ideal spot to make a mid-winter getaway, especially when you take your favorite koozie to keep your beverages cool.

Listening to the strains of "Margaritaville," we longingly imagine how much fun our client and his family had while enjoying their time without bundling, layering and trudging through deep mounds of snow and looking like ninjas with ruby red noses peeking through.

Our client wasted no time losing his wintry garb in favor of his shorts and T-Shirts once arriving in Key West. With temperatures in the low 70s, it was time to go outside with the family. Heading off to their boat with soda, their favorite beer and their family collection of koozies in tow, they were ready to finally thaw out and melt in the warm Key West afternoons, the family was free from worries, woes and never-ending snows. Also, their beverages stayed cold and refreshing.

Just like our client, if you are planning a trip, especially a well-earned warm-weather trip, pack your favorite coolie--or coolies if you are taking the family along--and snap a photo of your favorite beverage tucked into your favorite can coolie for posterity. We love to see the adventures our koozies get into, and even happier to share those photos on Facebook or our blog. Our koozies aren't camera-shy, and you shouldn't be, either!

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By Travis Shafer
Posted in Can Koozies, YPP
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