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Does Your Supplier Go The Extra Mile?

April 29th, 2014

Tyler's ThunderstixProduct suppliers are a dime a dozen, but does your product supplier truly go the extra mile? Check out this true story regarding one of our dedicated representatives, who went above and beyond to ensure a happy customer.

"Need 1200 Thunderstix by Noon Tomorrow."

It all began when a customer dropped us a line, reading: in San Diego and need 1200 thunderstix by noon tomorrow. Please advise.

This customer needed some blank thunderstix in a mere 14 hours. Most manufacturers and customer service representatives would have balked at such an extreme order, but not our incredible team.

Our representative, Troy, immediately contacted the customer to ensure that he had the specifics of the order right. Once confirmed, he began calling anywhere and everywhere to discover the delivery logistics. The only cost-effective and feasible option was to have someone fly in with the product.

Would Your Promotional Product Supplier Do This?

After developing a cost-effective plan that would get the customer the product by the deadline, Troy contacted them to confirm--but they needed a specific quantity of each color. Another member of our valuable team, Tyler, headed into the office at 10:00 PM to ensure that we had the specific colors and quantities desired. By 11:00 PM we had confirmed to our client that we had what they needed and received a completed order.

And that's when the Thunderstix Journey began for Tyler. We loaded him up with precious cargo and sent him to San Diego on a Sunday night, to ensure that the people got what they wanted! Tyler arrived in San Diego at 10:00 AM and took a taxi cab to make sure that the product was delivered. Though unconventional, our methods ensured that our client god the products they needed to make their event a success, at the best possible cost.

Are You Getting What You Need from Your Product Supplier?

Sure, we could have told our customer that the only option was to overnight it on a major carrier; it would have been a heck of a lot easier, and Tyler could have spent Sunday night at home relaxing. But it wouldn't have saved our client money while delivering them the incredible customer service we're known for, and that simply isn't acceptable.

If you needed your promotional products in 14 hours, would your promotional supplier fly over to hand-deliver them to you? If not, you're not getting the service that you deserve. Contact us today to find out more about our promotional materials and the customer service that truly makes us shine.

By Travis Shafer
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