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Personal Service

Sometimes it may feel like you've wasted hours browsing the web trying to find the perfect  promotional item. Get those hours back by partnering with us! We're here to help you find that  great item for your next campaign or event.

Let's Work Together

Our partnerships are very important to us at YPP. With deadlines looming and tight budgets,  our customers rely on us to provide flexible solutions to their needs. With a dedicated art staff  on our team we can quickly turn around most requests and offer custom artwork to all our customers.  We'll help you process your request step by step to ensure your order is what you need, when you  need it.


We're Here to Help.

Finding an awesome product for that unique event (especially weddings!) can be a headache.  Many customers are concerned that they can't afford or locate the item they need. We've helped plenty of  people plan around that one-time event or ship within a tight deadline, and our experience has shown that  no matter the size of your budget or request, we can provide you with the personal assistance that most  big sites can't.


We're Your Strength

Customer service is one of our pillars of strength. Customers have relied on us for years to help them  meet their needs. From start to finish we're there for you! And if you're one of our first-time customers,  don't worry, we roll out the carpet for everyone (Seriously, you should see our warehouse). From our account  managers to our shipping department, we are committed to bringing you the professional quality and service  you deserve.

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