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Top 5 Golf Courses in America

March 18th, 2014

Golf courses are judged by features like difficulty of play, physical location, and their ranking according to associations such as PGA and USGA. In the end, golf courses become favorites based on personal preferences or nuances that may or may not translate into final golf scores. Here are America’s top five golf courses according to us.

1. PGA National Resort & Spa, Champion Course, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

PGA National Resort & Spa, Champion Course, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The 2014 Honda Classic was recently hosted here. Champions like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy played, but the tournament championship ultimately went to Russell Henley, who is sponsored by Nike. What’s so great about this particular course has more to do with its location than anything else. Situated in the midst of an affluent residential community, the course is easily visible by the people who live on it. Imagine having a championship course in your own backyard. That’s what the residents of this course have.

2. Augusta National Golf Course, Augusta, Georgia

Augusta National Golf Course, Augusta, Georgia

No matter where you go in the world, golfers everywhere know of Augusta National Golf Course. Home of the 2014 Masters Tournament, Augusta hosts top players like Bubba Watson, who uses Titleist golf balls. The sheer beauty and setting of this historic course set it apart from any others. It is frequently named as the number one golf course by “Golf Digest” magazine.

3. The Ocean Course,Kiawah Island, South Carolina

The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Dubbed as one of the toughest courses in America for any level of player, this course is nestled so close to the coastline that the breezes themselves often knock player scores up a notch. The scenery is magnificent, but the topography poses such a challenge that enjoyable is not a word that would be associated with this course.

4. Stevens Park Golf Course, Dallas, Texas

Stevens Park Golf Course, Dallas, Texas

Lest you think all golf courses are only for the pros, Stevens Park Public Golf Course had to make our list. This resplendent course offers sweeping green mounds dotted by evergreens and oak trees, all within a view of the Dallas skyline. Lovingly nicknamed “Little Augusta,” this golf course is almost brand new, having been just completed in 2011. Players can enjoy one complimentary round of golf, and player wannabees can take golf lessons from PGA-trained instructors. This course is a great locale for local companies who want to promote their business while having fun.

5. Fisher’s Island Golf Course, Fisher’s Island, New York

Fisher’s Island Golf Course, Fisher’s Island, New York

If you’re judging a golf course on its views alone, then we can’t leave out Fisher’s Island. Fisher’s Island is a golf club with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, Block Island Sound and Fisher’s Island Sound.

No matter where you decide to swing your club, you’ll no doubt find something to love about any course on which you play. Eventually you’ll come up with your own list of the best courses in your corner of the world.

If you have some things that you would like to chat about, join me for a round of golf at Pine Valley Country Club. We can find out how JH Specialty and YourPromoPeople can help your business achieve its goals, lets step out of the conference room, and onto the golf course to discuss. I look forward to it. -JH

By Travis Shafer
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