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Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats

October 20th, 2013

Oh, Halloween. The one day a year where you're parents actually let you gather your weight in candy. There is an overwhelming variety of those delicious, chocolaty, chewy treats. So, you picked out the perfect Halloween costume and mapped out the best route to goodness. But, there is always that one house. This list counts down all of those terrible "treats" that fills your Trick-or-Treat bag and ultimately, ends up with the garbage.

10. Raisins - Otherwise known as Mother Nature's Candy. They're great all other 364 days of the year, but if you give a kid the choice between raisins and any other candy, any other candy will ALWAYS win.

9. Pens and Pencils and just about anything else that is not edible should never be given as a Halloween treat ... ever! But, maybe as promotional items....wink, wink.

8. Candy Corn - Does any one still eat these? It seems like these candies only make an appearance around Halloween. Although edible, there are many superior treats.

Candy Corn

7. Hard Candy - These fruit and butterscotch hard candies are always great when visiting granny, but should never be given out on Halloween, they just don't belong.

6. Dum Dums - Any candy given away for free at doctor's offices, bank lobbies and hair salons across the nation is not special, and therefore, not deserving of a Halloween treat.

5. Anything Wax - Does anyone really want to eat wax? When purchasing Halloween candy, always ask yourself, Would you want to eat it? If your answer is no, skip it and go for something good!

4. Anything Homemade - Your intentions may be good, but these days parents feel safer when the candy as a solid wrapper.

3. Money - Okay, at first it seemed pretty cool. But in the end, you realize you only have received a few stray nickles. Even if you pool your money, you may be able to afford a gumball ... to split.

2. Necco Wafers - These are like eating Tums. Not nearly sweet enough, these flavorless powder pellets are weak at best. Do these evens till exist?


1. Apples - You're the same person that hands out raisins on Halloween, aren't you? Apples as a treat stink. As a kid, I probably ate an apple every day in my lunch. It's Halloween, give me some candy!

Anyone with me? Which treats are your favorite and which are the worst?

By Allison Hook
Posted in YPP
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