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Top 10 Tech Gifts for the Holidays 2013

December 10th, 2013

2013 is the year of the gadget. Every holiday list has something electronic, considering the market has a wider selection of items than ever. There is a tech "toy" for everyone, with just the right price for any budget. Tech gifts are great for everything from staff appreciation to filling up under the tree for your family. Electronics can even be personalized gifts, with unique extras and content geared to the recipient's tastes. Personalization also makes tech gifts particularly attractive as promotional giveaways and corporate gifts. The experts at have a great selection of personalized promotional tech accessories for business.

Here are some of the top 10 tech gift ideas this season:

1. Premium Viewing Services -- For the family, movie fan, or the TV binge-watcher, online or console viewing services are one of the best gifts you can give. The most popular, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu+ offer thousands of choices for everyone, including new release movies and shows.

2. Apple iPad Air -- One of the hottest gadgets, the Air is the latest heir to the King of the tablets, the iPad. It has the same access to the libraries of apps available, with a long lasting battery, higher quality screen, and impossibly slim and light form. Definitely a cool present. Don't forget the accessories.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (8.9" or 7") -- This easy-to-use speed fiend is a big improvement on past generations of the Fire, and has earned a resounding, "...sets the standard for a media consumption tablet" from CNet.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- Has the latest version of Android, high-speed processing, excellent cameras, and writing capabilities. Don't forget the stylus.

5. Apple iPhone 5S -- This may very well be the gift this year. If you're looking for rewards and recognition ideas for employees, you can't do any better. Don't forget the case.

6. Samsung Galaxy S4 -- One of the biggest Smartphone screens available, fast processor, and excellent writing and picture functions make this one of the hot buys of 2013. Don't forget the charging station.

7. Automatic Labs Smart Driving Assistant -- One of the most unique tech gifts for the auto buff, the Smart Driving Assistant keeps track of gas usage, cost-per-trip, and the driver's habits, saving them for later analysis.

8. Dell Latitude 643ou Laptop -- A great mix of design and function, lightweight, with plenty of power and a long battery life, this system can be excellent for business or personal work -- or fun. Don't forget the accessories.

9. WiiU -- In the world of cool presents for families, WiiU is the big one. Many games are geared for multi-player fun, and include all ages action and a chance for movement.

10. Xbox One -- If there's a game tech geek on your list, this is the gift for them. This amazing system not only plays the latest top-of-the-line games, it is geared to work with home entertainment, the internet, and Smartphones, with upgrades and improvements promised for the future.

By Travis Shafer
Posted in Holidays, YPP
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