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6 Things You Need to Pull off the Perfect Tailgate

March 29th, 2013

When it's time to pull off the perfect tailgating party, you'd better make sure that you have gathered these essential items. Otherwise, better parties surrounding your set up will slowly steal your guests.

Food and a Grill to Prepare It


If you don't have food, you don't have a tailgate. That also means you need a grill; preferably one large enough to cook half a steer at a time. You might also need prepared burger patties, buns, and a few side items for uppity guests who think it's appropriate to eat anything other pure meat while standing in a stadium parking lot.

A Selection of Drinks


For most football fans, this means beer. Play it safe by also bringing some sodas and bottled water along. You never know which of your guests can't or don't want to drink. Do you really want to tick off a pregnant Ravens fanatic because you don't have something for her to drink? You do not, so bring a variety of beverages.

A Bullhorn and Big Sign Declaring Your Fanaticism


Football has definitively proven that the fans who scream the loudest have the most loyalty. A bullhorn should easily make your tailgating group stand out as true fanatics. Want to offer visual proof of your insanity as well? Get a big sign declaring how much you love your team. A company that makes big magnets (like the kind businesses slap on their vehicles for extra advertising) and outdoor signs can hook you up at an affordable price.

A Ton of Face Paint, Literally


You can make your tailgating more attractive to random fans by offering to slather their faces in team colors. Go gentle on the kids. They want their faces painted, but they don't want you to yell in their faces. When it comes to big, burly guys who already have their shirts off, rub the team colors all over them and scream like barbarians. Football is one of the only sports that encourages men to bond with each other while half-naked.

A Tent or Overhang for Unpredictable Weather


You pray for the perfect sunny day. You watch the Weather Channel religiously for a week. You even wore that disgusting pair of socks all week. Still, you can't control the weather. Get a tent or overhang to protect your crew from rain and snow that might sneak up at the last minute.

A Portable Stereo System


You don't have to admit this to anyone else, but over 90 percent of football games require standing around and waiting for something to happen. That can make your guests restless. Bringing a portable stereo system that you can blast between important plays will help make your day more exciting. If you want to get really wild, you could bring along karaoke. Just know that you get what you ask for.

These elements will help you pull off an epic tailgating party. Is there anything missing from the list? What would you add to make it the perfect tailgate for your crew?

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By Tim Jones
Posted in Stadium Cups
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