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Stadium Cups...A Clever Way to Advertise

February 8th, 2013

Branded Stadium CupsCups are a convenient party favor, an easy entertaining solution and a must-have for every home, office, restaurant, and everywhere else that people gather. After all, everyone needs to drink liquid. You probably don’t think twice when you grab plastic glassware or a souvenir cup to wet your whistle, but you will notice what the cup looks like. If it’s brightly-colored and well-decorated, you can’t help but to notice that cup. It’s in this moment that the strongest marketing is born.

Imprinted stadium cups are a simple solution to any beverage problem. They’re made with plastic that won’t break and shatter if the cup gets dropped, and they come in many different sizes. Get stadium cups wholesale in 12, 16, 22 or 32 ounce sizes to get a perfect container for any beverage. Plastic stadium cups will hold cold or hot beverages.

Because stadium cups are so versatile, it makes them a perfect choice for parties, office settings, events and everyday use. They can hold any type of drink, they are machine-washable, and they won’t be ruined if they are accidentally dropped. If each one of those cups was carrying a message, just think how far that message might spread.

They’re convenient around the home and the workplace, but custom imprinted stadium cups give you another opportunity that can’t be ignored: they’re customizable. Stadium cups are available in any color, and it’s easy to print just about any logo on them. Whether smooth or fluted, stadium cups are the perfect vehicle for anything you need to market. Because they are usable anywhere, your message will potentially be spread everywhere.

What do you want people to know about your company, product or event? A Busch camo can and plastic glassware can become daily reminders of everything you want to promote, a long-lasting marketing tool that spreads your message far and wide. Spread the word by adding a logo, website address and other pertinent information right on the cup. Add lids and straws to turn your stadium cups into travel cups that are easy to carry and transport. That way, people can carry your plastic cups with lids – and your message – to lots more places.

Everyone needs to drink, so why can’t they do it from a cup that conveys a subtle message? You never know who will end up holding your promotional cups, because everyone has to take in liquid sometime.

Find your perfect stadium cup match here.

By Tim Jones
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