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Create Good Clients and Strong Customers

June 20th, 2013

Nothing brings out the passion in people like a sporting event. Everyone loves to cheer for the home team and fans stay loyal even when their team is losing. That kind of dedication makes for good clients and strong customers. That’s exactly why you want to use tailgate and sports promos to get that kind of consumer to use your brand.

Sporting events last for hours, and people often extend the event by celebrating before and after the game itself. A pre-game celebrate helps everyone get in the mood and pumped up. The post-game party celebrates a victory or softens the pain of a loss. And during all this celebration, sports fans will use stuff. They’re drinking out of stadium cups and sitting on seat cushions, wrapping up in blankets – you get the picture.

Put your brand name and business information on those supplies, and raise your company to the next level. Fans will be waving your logo while they’re using that foam finger to cheer on the team. Before and after the game, they’ll sip out of stadium cups that bear your relevant brand information.

Give them buttons to wear, and those fans will become walking advertisements for your business. Put your brand on blankets used during football and basketball seasons, when the days are cool. All the stuff that fans use while watching the game, and when they’re celebrating before and after, makes great promotional stuff.

You want loyal customers, passionate people who believe in your brand. No one is more passionate or loyal than sports fans. Show them that you support their passions, their teams and their hobbies, and they’ll support your business in return. Put your logo and information on those stadium cups, on a travel mug, on water bottles that fans can use during the game. Put it all over sports and tailgating supplies, and start gaining more customers.

Give them custom coolers and other items that get re-used, and they will continue to promote your business for you. People re-use seat cushions, stadium cups and all those other sports-related items. Give them stuff that will keep them comfortable and happy during the game and you’ll be giving them something very valuable indeed.

Tailgating and sports promos are powerful tools. Start using them to promote your business and boost brand recognition. Link yourself to the fans and you could forge lifelong customer connections that will continue to serve your business well.

By Allison Hook
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