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Put Your Best Foot Forward

February 19th, 2013

Board Meeting

Corporate events, whether they are held for clients or for employees, are an integral part of a business. These events can act as a marketing and advertising function for current and potential clients. Employees will gain a sense of worth and belonging when their efforts are recognized at these events.

Putting your best foot forward is important when holding an event for your clients. You need to present your company as professional and knowledgeable. Hosting an event can bring new clients to your business, as well. For instance, holding an open-house to introduce your business to the local community will let attendees know that you care about your community, as well as being a productive business member within that community.

During such events, use marketing tools that will get your name out to the client and the public. For instance, hand out magnetic business cards with your company’s information on them. These are great marketing magnets for business promotion at popular businesses, such as appliance repair shops, auto care and lawn professionals.

If you are holding a business meeting for current clients, provide them with calendars and those marketing magnets with your company information on them. Give them custom imprinted portfolios or notebooks. Putting and keeping your name and business in front of your clients is an integral marketing tool.

For in-house corporate functions, show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving gifts such as mugs and tumblers with the company’s logo. They will appreciate receiving a useful and attractive item.

If you are planning on a team building event, what brings a group together better than matching logo wear. Hand out sweatshirts, T-shirts or jackets with the company’s logo. Not only will a team spirit be garnered, your employees will wear these in public after the event, further putting your business’s name in front of the general public.

Finally, providing gifts to both your clients and employees is a great marketing tool. Gifts such as car magnets and decals for employees are a great way to build company morale. Holiday and birthday gifts that are unique will let both clients and workers know that you think they are valuable to your success.

Corporate and company events don’t have to break the bank. There are many inexpensive items that you can give out such as mouse pads, screen sweeps, USB drives and pens. While these events and gifts don’t have to cost you a lot, the marketing and good will is almost priceless.

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By Tim Jones
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