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Promo Products Can Play A Vital Role In Attracting Senior Customers

April 23rd, 2014

Attracting Senior CustomersToday, seniors represent a huge share of the consumer market. That’s a trend that’s likely to continue as more and more baby boomers enter their senior years. In fact, the Small Business Administration reports that seniors have an average per capita income that’s 26% above the national average, and seniors and baby boomers comprise almost a quarter of the population. Businesses that have products or services that appeal to the senior market are missing out on big profits if they fail to favorably position themselves and their brands within this demographic.

During the past few years, many businesses have begun to realize the spending potential of the senior market, and as a result, competition for those dollars has become much stronger. That means that when it’s time to think about marketing your own business to seniors, you have to have a strong – and memorable –marketing campaign in place to develop trust and build brand recognition. One of the most effective ways to do that is with branded promo items that appeal specifically to a senior market.

Marketing to “feel” age, not real age

According to research from Southern Methodist University, marketing to the way seniors actually feel about themselves and their lives rather than how society perceives them to feel is one of the most important keys to marketing to an older population. Researchers call this the “feel” age and marketing based on that concept is what’s most likely to attract older buyers. That typically means marketing to a more active population.

Leisure pursuits

Products like bags & totes make it easy for retirees to maintain those active lifestyles. Another ideal option: blankets and throws that make impromptu picnics, a night at a ballgame or a day at the beach a breeze. A pack of playing cards is small enough to go anywhere, and since card games are often played in groups, you have a great chance of being seen by other potential customers.

Staying organized

Of course, one of the ways many seniors and boomers stay active is with proper medical care, and often that means medications to fight arthritis, hormonal changes, high blood pressure, and other issues that can plague even the most active seniors. For these customers, branded pillboxes – especially those that are small enough to be slipped into a pocket or purse – can provide a continual reminder of your brand’s dedication to convenience – not to mention good health.

Many seniors and boomers lead lives that are as diverse and robust as those of younger generations. The key to building your business’ brand is to dump the “old person” mindset and choose promo products that position your business as one that is dedicated to the needs and lifestyles of this growing segment of the population.

By Travis Shafer
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