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Promo Products are The New Little Black Dress of the Marketing World?

June 24th, 2014

The idea of passing out logoed t shirts, mugs, pens and other products is not a new concept. However, this is and continues to be a great boost to many firm’s overall marketing plan. But ,why is this? The main reasons for the continued success of this marketing strategy may surprise you! Look at some of today’s most popular giveaways and see why these items in particular are so effective.

  • Drawstring or Tote Bag – These products are great for carnivals or conventions where your customers will be presented with many other giveaways. They can use your logoed bag to collect other products and you know they will see your message at the end of the day.
  • T shirts – While shirts are a classic choice, it only makes sense that they are. T shirts have a dual marketing purpose. The person whom you give it to sees your message, of course. However, every time the shirt is worn, your message is displayed to dozens or more people!
  • Sports Bottles – Living green and living healthy are both important parts of life for many people. A reusable sports bottle supports both these habits. Put your message in front of those who are doing their best to stay fit with one of today’s exciting water bottle choices.
  • Sunglasses – While the printable space may be small, the message can be very effective when it is printed on a pair of shades. NearlyCustom Pens everyone reaches for sunglasses on a hot summer day””why shouldn’t the pair have your name or logo displayed?
  • Pens – Yes, pens are the penultimate giveaway products and likely something you’ve already considered. However, did you know how many options are available today? It is important to choose the RIGHT pen””if you want the best possible results.
  • Sports or Polo-style Shirts – If a plain t shirt doesn’t convey the right message about your firm, what about something a little classier? A sports shirt or polo shirt can be a nice alternative to the traditional tee.

You do not want to miss the next big marketing opportunity for your company, but at the same time you are probably tired of throwing money and schemes that are ineffective and underperforming. Why not call and talk to an expert in the industry?, for example is a great resource to help you choose promotional products that will be used and help you get results!

By Travis Shafer
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