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The Magic of Magnets

March 6th, 2014

Personalized magnets make excellent promotional giveaways and mementos from events that you have hosted. Wedding fridge magnets can be given to each wedding guest as a way to remember the couple's happy day. When it comes to business, there are plenty of ways that magnets can create marketing pieces that people will always refer to.

Refrigerator Magnets

Magnetic signs for cars are excellent ways to turn your personal vehicle into the company car without any additional expenses or hassles. It saves you money on having to buy a separate car for the company and all of the expenses that go along with a new vehicle. You can also use car magnet advertising to turn your car into a moving billboard for your company. For the relatively low cost of a magnet, you can expand your marketing exposure and run your business on a budget.

A colorful, promotional magnet is something that can be practical as well as interesting. For example, full color business card magnets can be unique ways to present your business to prospects. When you hand your prospect a business card magnet, it will become a novelty that he puts on the refrigerator at home or in his company break room. That is where the magnet will stay, and it will remind everyone who walks by about your company and the products that you offer.

When you turn your magnetic business cards into something practical, then you are increasing the likelihood that they will get additional exposure. Magnetic business card calendars are great because they are convenient for the person you give them to, and they expand the marketing exposure of your company. If you really want to enhance the exposure of your magnetic cards, then put the schedule of the local professional sports team on your cards and then be ready for people to ask you for as many as you can spare.

If you want to gauge the effectiveness of a promotional item, then use yourself and your friends as test subjects. Take a look at your own refrigerator and then check out your friends' refrigerators when you are over to visit. The chances are that you will see magnets that have been there for years. When you look at each magnet as little billboard on prime real estate, then you can start to appreciate just how valuable promotional magnets can be to gaining exposure for your company.

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By Tim Jones
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