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Customize Magnets to Increase Visibility and Increase Sales

December 27th, 2013

In the past few years, business card magnets have become especially popular. As a replacement for traditional paper business cards, these little rectangular magnetic cards can’t be beat. Unlike paper cards that are stuffed in a wallet or pocket and often discarded without ever being used, magnetized cards find a home on refrigerators, office cubicles and her handy places with magnetic surfaces, ensuring they’ll be seen and referenced when needed. And though paper cards may be viewed more as unpleasant clutter that needs to be filed or dealt with in some other way, a business card that does double-duty as a magnet is welcomed as a useful accessory both at home and at work.

Dog Shaped MagnetAmong recipients, promotional magnets designed in special shapes that are related to the company they represent are just as popular - and maybe even more popular - than business card magnets. A dentist might offer patients a magnet In the shape of a tooth tucked into an annual customer appreciation mailing or checkup reminder notice; a cat or dog shaped magnet can be a great companion marketing piece for a veterinarian's annual rabies vaccination clinic; or a magnet in the shape of a birthday cake complete with candles could be used by a bakery to promote its products.

Specially shaped promo magnets have been around for a few years, but until recently, shapes were limited to a few stock outlines like cars for car dealers, or house shapes favored by realtors and cleaning companies. Now, custom magnets can be cut in any design a company chooses, which means you have a virtually limitless selection: Caterer? How about a chef’s hat? Pizza shop? What about a pizza with a slice removed? Music lessons? A magnet shaped like a musical instrument is eye-catching and clever. Get creative to make sure your magnet is noticed.Guitar Shaped Magnet

While shape is an important component of magnet choice, it’s not the only one. Consider adding functionality to your custom magnets. Adding a calendar, either printed on the magnet or attached to it, increases the likelihood that a potential customer will use your magnet and see it on a regular basis. Some companies add helpful tips or other reference data to make the items more useful; for instance, a company that specializes in heating or roof repair might consider adding a list of seasonal chores – changing heating filters or cleaning gutters – that not only serves as a reminder for the homeowner, but also helps remind them to call you when the time to complete those chores rolls around.

With just a little time and creativity, your magnet can become an important part of your marketing plan, ensuring your company and the products or services it provides attract the attention they deserve.

By Travis Shafer
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