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Keeping You and Your Drink Cool

July 31st, 2013
Custom Coozie

Beer bottle koozies are a great complement to most any kind of tailgating event. With your logo or brand voice on can koozies, the likelihood of getting preferentially noticed and subliminally accepted is very high. With advanced materials such as neoprene koozies, you can make something that is truly unique and get your brand understood by massive numbers of people. Since a make your own koozie is a memento that people may carry for several events, the return on your company's investment is usually a solid one for your business.

Since personalized can koozies are useful for keeping drinks cool, people actually use them. But they don't just use these storage devices for keeping their drinks cold during a hot day. These neoprene can koozies get used for making a drink easier to handle and keep ahold of, as well. With each different kind of use you can find, you add an extra reason why people keep their cans wrapped up and within reach through the pregame and during the game itself. Overall, your koozie design may go with a person for an entire day and much of an evening.

These are all reasons why a good koozie design works wonders for your brand voice. When someone has personalized beer bottle koozies, this further expands on the brand's visibility at an event. While it is easy to find a foam koozie most anywhere, with beer koozies custom designs can make a difference if they're memorable in some way. After all, cheaper ones don't necessarily need to be extravagant to have something to say and to say it well, the way you want people to hear or read it. Your message may just be a fun thing to say, but when you design such a cool-keeping device to be memorable you may make something people really like.

You can order these devices and use them as loss leaders, but your design may actually go viral if it's funny or interesting in some way. This is a time when using your creativity can be a powerful thing. Since even simple can insulators can become something approaching "viral," with everybody wanting one because of an amusing message on the side of them, this is a prime opportunity for your brand voice to reach a lot of people and to not even feel like you are giving people an ad of any kind.

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By John Yoder
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