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How Well Do You Know Promotional Products? Take The Quiz.

June 18th, 2014

Whether your company is small or large, a good marketing plan is vital to achieving the highest level of success. One important part of many plans is the purchase and use of promotional products. Pens, cups, t-shirts, and other products seem like great ways to promote your firm, but what do you know about these items? This promotional product quiz will help you learn more about these and decide they could be part of your overall marketing program.

  1. What technology-based promo product is an affordable favorite in San Francisco?
    1. Mini Computers
    2. USB Drives
    3. Floppy Disks
    4. Mouse Pads

  2. More popular than even T-shirts for giveaways, what do Phoenix, AZ companies find one of the most effective promo products?
    1. Pens and Pencils
    2. Jackets
    3. Mouse Pads
    4. Cell Phone Holders

  3. According to Houston consumers, what promo products are most desired in this Texas city?
    1. T-shirts
    2. Pens
    3. Desk Accessories
    4. Water Bottles

  4. What city is full of thrifty, smart consumers less likely to discard promo products?
    1. Atlanta
    2. Boston
    3. Austin
    4. Seattle

  5. Customers outside the United States may have different needs and wants in terms of promotional products what do you think the top product is in Berlin, Germany?
    1. Pens
    2. Jackets
    3. Coffee Mugs
    4. Medical Products

  6. Roman customers stated they are more likely to use a promotional product if it has which of the following characteristics?
    1. Wearable
    2. Attractive
    3. Lightweight
    4. Expensive

Now that you have learned about the effectiveness of promotional products as part of a marketing plan, perhaps it is time for you to place an order. Find a reputable promo product supplier and get started today! You will be sure to appreciate the results and our customers will love using products emblazoned with your company name or logo.

Answer Key

  1. #2USB Drives are an excellent way to share your logo with your customers and fans.
  2. #1 – While this is a classic favorite, printed pens and pencils are still effective in Phoenix and around the country.
  3. #3Desk accessories can include a number of different items and are a great way to continuously display your logo to those most likely to need your services.
  4. #1 – Atlanta residents really love using promotional products the study shows they are the least likely to throw away your marketing efforts.
  5. #4 – While it may seem strange to US companies, people in Germany and many other areas of the world appreciate medical-based promo products like pedometers to measure exercise output.
  6. #2 – Attractive products are more appealing to consumers in Italy and the rest of the world ordering products from a reputable firm is the best way to get access to a host of design features.

(All facts are courtesy of Advertising Specialty Group’s 2013 Global Ad Impression Study)

By Travis Shafer
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