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Corporate Gifts Gone Wrong: Give This, Not That

December 13th, 2013

It's that time of year again. Everyone faced with giving gifts to a large group of people faces that anxiety: will I come up with great gift ideas, or will I mess up and give people presents that they won't enjoy? Have what feels like a completely original idea, but you're worried it might be a dud? Make sure your corporate gift ideas aren't on this list below:

The Gift That's a Hint

It's never okay to give weight loss books to employees after learning that this can save your company a bundle on health insurance premiums. Likewise, you can't give a smoker a month of nicotine gum.

The Collectible That's Not

Before giving someone yet another octopus-themed gift, make sure she actually collects things with octopuses on them. Same goes for kittens, puppies or cows. Often, someone will have a themed item and others in the office will jump on a bandwagon that doesn't really exist.

An Expert Gift (When You Aren't an Expert)

It may be tempting to buy an employee a gift that's liked to a specialized hobby, but, you should not give in. It's just too easy to get it wrong. Useless gadgets or basic equipment that basically duplicates something that the recipient already has is just going to sit in a drawer and gather dust.

To avoid employee appreciation ideas that may go unappreciated by the recipient, consider some of the thoughtful gifts below:

For Frequent Travelers

Have a fleet of employees that are always on the move? Give them gifts that make their lives a lot easier. Handy Airline Technology Sets make cool gifts for techies on the go.

For Music Lovers

Are you in a business that relates to entertainment or the outdoors in any way? Personalized gifts like a radio cooler emblazoned with your firm's logo make great holiday gifts for employees and valued clients or vendors.

For When a Token is Appropriate

In some cases, smaller gifts are more fitting than larger ones. Pick business gifts that will be used and appreciated. In colder climates, most people would be grateful for a spare ice scraper to help them get going on icy mornings. Warmer climes? Koozies are always useful. And, everyone can always use another USB drive for keeping information handy and accessible.

In the end, it is the thought that really counts. By picking office gifts that are useful, a little fun, and appropriate for the recipient, you can be sure that your gift-giving is a DO instead of a DON'T.

By Travis Shafer
Posted in Holidays, YPP
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