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The Traveling Koozie: 2nd Edition

October 3rd, 2013

I'd like to start off thanking everyone that has sent in their traveling koozie photos and stories! It is so awesome to see there are people (more people than just us) out there that are just as koozie crazy!

The second edition of the Traveling Koozie comes from a Your Promo People friend vacationing in the great state of Florida. Check it out ...

My kids are getting older, so we don't get to go on many family vacations as often as we would like. Finally, this year was our year - we all saved a week on our calendar; we were going on one more family vacation. I asked my girls where they wanted to go, I was a little surprised when I heard the answer, "Disney World!" So we planned, purchased park passes, booked hotels, shopped for and packed our favorite road trip snacks, including our favorite can koozies!

Cheap full color koozie

We were all too excited to hit the open road to Mickey! Stopping for a few photo ops, we made it to Orlando. Our can koozies came in handy while we were park hopping. In June, Orlando is hot! We always had a bottle of water in hand and our full color koozies helped keep our drinks cold in the summer sun.

Hopefully our koozie photos make it up on your blog! We will be keeping an eye out.

Bonus Photo: Another photo from the Florida trip ... Dolphins also love water bottle koozies! :)

water bottle koozies

By Allison Hook
Posted in Can Koozies
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