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Associate Your Brand with a Good Time

June 18th, 2013

Everybody loves a party. People like to meet and interact with each other, especially when food and drink are also at the party. Parties are great ways to promote business, but only if you’re using your parties the right way.

Use party stuff to promote your business, and put a variety of those items to good use. People are going to use plastic or paper cups and other party supplies, like napkins, during any get-together. Put your business information and your logo on all that stuff, and you’ll be promoting your business all night.

Partygoers will continue being exposed to your brand throughout the event. They won’t even know they’re memorizing the information as they take their drinks from the bartender. But by the end of the night, they’ll remember your information. That website address will be in their heads and that catchy slogan on the tip of their tongue, and your eye-catching logo will make them think of good fun times.

People need party supplies for any get-together, even very small gatherings. Why not put promotional mugs in their hands? Give them a cup printed with your brand information, and they become take-home party favors. Your brand will have a place in their home, to continuously remind them of what you have to offer.

Branded party cups aren’t much more expensive than plain, regular plastic cups, and in some cases the price may even be the same. It’s an affordable way to get your brand out there. Doesn’t everyone spend time holding a cup during a party? Add coasters, promotional mugs, napkins and other party supplies can contain important brand information and start boosting your company’s recognition.

Don’t print too much on your party stuff. Only include the most relevant information. You need the brand name and logo, of course. You might also want to include a website address and other contact information (like a Twitter or Facebook profile) so people can find you easily. Give them an action to complete, a place to go, and they’ll do it. That’s the power of promotional party supplies – it invites everyone to join your business’s party.

Association is one of your best promotional tools. Associate your brand with the fun feeling inspired by a party and customers will think of happiness when they think of your brand. Use coasters and other party stuff to push your business non-aggressively and you might be surprised by the results

By Tim Jones
Posted in Can Koozies
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