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Beyond the Business Card

April 5th, 2013

Passing a Business Card MagnetFor growing businesses in today’s digital economy it is easy to see how many think business cards have run their course. The competitive market place we live in demands that business stand out to garner the attention of prospective clients. The traditional business card, while it still has its place in some business settings, may need a boost from other non-traditional means of promotion for your company. Striking a balance between cost and effective self-promotion is tricky when working with limited budgets. Business cards, it seems fills that gap as a cheap and effective means to promoting your business. However, when you look at how many businesses are using this same game plan for advertising it is easy to see how your company could get lost in the shuffle. What your business needs is promotional marketing tools that are tactile but won't be put in some ones wallet and forgotten about.

Magnetic marketing is a cost effective way of keeping a traditional business card sized promotional product in the hands of potential customers, but at the same time it serves a dual function. How great would it be to have your business information seen daily by customers every time they walk by their refrigerators at home or office. Just by adding a magnet, you have taken your advertising dollars and more than doubled the effectiveness over a traditional business card. Magnetic marketing, through the use of business card magnets, magnetic notepads, or marker boards can be a smart option for multiplying your advertising budget without breaking the bank.

Another alternative to the traditional business card that is just as inexpensive are custom pens with your logo. Let’s face it, no matter who you are everyone likes getting gifts. Promotional pens are a great choice for advertising, and it gets your companies name and information literally in the hands of potential clients. Everyone needs a pen whether it is in their car, desk or home office. Personalized pens are a creative way of advertising your company beyond just the initial client contact, and are great reminders whenever a customer picks up your pen to write a note.

A third way to creatively promote your business beyond the traditional business card especially in today’s digital is by USB flash drives. Most if not all business today in some fashion is done with computers. Promotional flash drives come in a wide array of sizes and designs. This can be a more expensive route to advertise, but it can be highly effective, impressing potential clients showing your businesses innovation, forward thinking, and creative spirit. A great option in the way of USB flash drives is the business card flash drive. Using the same design and color scheme as your business card it is a creative way to continually put your businesses information and name in front of your customers.

Using these three suggestions, you can set your business apart while maintaining a creative cost effective marketing strategy. Effective use of company promotional items such as custom business card magnets, pens, custom office supplies, or even full color USB drives has the potential to do more for your business than relying solely on traditional business cards.

By Tim Jones
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