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Best Promo Freebies for College Students in 2018

September 10th, 2018

With almost 20 million students in college, the workforce becomes quite a competitive market. How are you going to attract these young, bright, enthusiastic minds into coming to work for you? The difference maker when presenting your company’s identity can come down to having modern and useful promo products. Speaking as a current college student, and young adult soon to enter the workforce, I can provide some insight into what products will leave a strong and lasting impression. Putting your business and logo, a step above the rest. Let’s take a look at a few products:

Electronic Gadgets: In 2018 our phones are as important as our cars. Younger and older people are using their phones and electronics for everything. They use their tablets and laptops for note taking, and their phones host an assortment of useful apps to get them through their college years or their job. Apps for city bus routes, group messaging, email, and many more. With apps like Pandora and Spotify, music is easy and accessible all the time. Making portable Bluetooth speakers a promo everyone wants to get his/her hands on. Not to mention the constant usage of our devices, batteries don’t last forever. So, a portable charger, or an adapter make for great and useful younger generation promo items. Whether it be a stylus, charger, speaker, etc. going electronic zaps you to success.

Stress relievers/toys: How many of you can remember the days of being young and well, probably, poor? School is hard, but not only that, it is expensive. To help pay for school, many students work while they go to school. Even after graduation, massive loan debts can really bring down the fresh set of minds entering the workforce. Building up the stress we all know and love. This makes a stress ball promo or even a fidget spinner toy to use while listening to lectures or working on a report. They often help others concentrate more, making it the ideal item to print your company logo on. Not to mention, being cooped up in a classroom or office all winter can be maddening. When Spring rolls around, be sure to show up with the hottest giveaways like a Frisbee, yo-yo, ball toy, and more. Handing these out is going to leave an impression on any student who is itching to get out in the sun and out of school. Toys for friends to throw around and enjoy in sun make your giveaways rise above the rest!

Office Supplies: Finally, we reach the office supplies. Now I know what you may be thinking, office supplies are unoriginal. Especially in comparison to a Frisbee, and Bluetooth speakers. But office supplies hold an important spot on this list. They are always going to be needed. Speakers and a yo-yo are fun and catchy, but they don’t fill out applications for you like a pen does. Portfolio binders and nice notebooks are great for older students getting ready to enter the professional world. Promos like these will give you a professional look, while also handing out a useful giveaway. Don’t believe me? Check out my earlier blog, 3 Way Pens Can Write Success.

Attracting and speaking to the younger generation can be a difficult thing at times. You can never go wrong being the modern, flashy business that hands out portable speakers, or even the fun, eye-catching business that hands out a Frisbee. Or perhaps be the professional, and respectful business that hands out small portfolio binders. Either way, you’re sure to attract young professionals looking to show their hard-work and demonstrate their new ideas. 

By Brandtly Schreiber
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