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5 Ways Magnets, Stickers and Decals Build Brand Magnetism

August 12th, 2014

In business, customer attraction and loyalty is all about your level of brand magnetism. How strongly are consumers attracted to your company’s brand, and do they stick around once they buy something or use your service? It takes a lot of repetition for a company to catch the attention of a new prospect.

One way to cost-effectively get your company’s name and tagline out in front of potential customers is through the use of promotional products. Consumers love these little “extras” that can be designed to help solidify your image and motivate them to take an action. Apparel, drinkware and sporting equipment can all be quite effective but, if you really want to make sure they are constantly seeing your name, you can use magnets, stickers and decals to pull them in. Here are just a few of the many ways you can get customers’ loyalty attached to your brand by getting attached to something of theirs:

  1. Bumper Stickers: Custom Stickers & DecalsYou’ll get better mileage than the car itself, because these portable advertisements are seen by the vehicle’s occupants every time they go for a ride, and also by everyone they pass on the road or who sees their car in a parking lot. Cost-effective and attention-catching, they can help create a lasting impression for your brand. But they won’t leave a lasting impression on the car, since our exclusive removable adhesive ensures that no residue will be left over after the bumper sticker is removed.

  2. Car Magnets: Get even more bang for your mobile marketing buck with a customizable car magnet. A great choice, especially, if you don’t want the expense and bother of putting vinyl lettering or graphics on your company car. Available in a variety of sizes, these magnetic car signs are durable, weather-resistant, and flexible..

  3. Removable Business Card Sticker: Your business card is often your best marketing tool, so why limit it to something that gets put in a desk drawer? They’re vinyl coated to last a long time, so they can be stuck on just about any surface, including painted walls, and are easily removed without damage to the paint.

  4. Magnetic Memo Boards: Make sure prospects and customers see your name and logo every time their brain is engaged. When inspiration hits and they need a place to write something down, the first thing they’ll see is a branding message from you. WithCustom Magnets free outwork, you can even duplicate the sign that hangs outside your business to create a visual memory. Its laminated surface makes it easy to write on, and a snap to wipe off.

  5. Picture Frame Magnet: Nothing is better than having your company’s name viewed in association with a treasured memory. With this great deal, though, you actually get two magnets in one when prospects and customers pop out the customizable oval or rectangular center to reveal a picture of their loved one. Let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are endless with free artwork and four color printing.

Make your business more attractive to prospects and customers with magnets, stickers and decals!

By Travis Shafer
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