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5 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

February 25th, 2014

Your website can be your best marketing tool, provided that you can gather the right momentum. Driving traffic to your website can be a lengthy and eventful road, but it will pay off once you have invested enough time and effort into the process.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

1. Use your business logo on a variety of promotional products.

Printing your business logo and contact information on quality promotional products are an excellent way to ensure that traffic hits your website. Something as simple as a promotional pen will keep your company in a potential visitor's mind until they have a reason to visit you. Consider quality logo products that will be used often but are inexpensive to create, such as mouse pads and other desk accessories.

2. Use social marketing consistently and to the fullest extent.

Social media is one of the best opportunities for marketers, but it needs to be handled correctly. You need to keep your social media accounts updated often with valuable, unique and insightful information that is not only related to your brand but also provides value. You can boost your social media through promotions and giveaways, such as by offering a sweepstakes for branded sports and outdoor equipment that tie into your company. While advertising directly through social media is a possibility, paid ads usually are not as successful on this platform as media.

3. Invest in content marketing to extend your brand.

Content marketing allows you to establish yourself as a resource in your industry, boosting your search engine rankings and ensuring that many visitors will come to your website for information regarding your products and general industry news. Content marketing only requires that you post interesting content on a consistent basis; from there, the content usually does the rest.

4. Involve your websites in local events and community outreach.

Every time you hold a local event, make sure that your website has a visible presence. Update your social media throughout the event with information regarding the schedule, and ensure that your website's address is featured on all of the event materials.

5. Include your website on all of your printed materials.

Your website can't gain traffic if no one knows that it's there. Ensure that your website is prominently displayed on all of your other materials, such as business cards, brochures, product sheets and more. If you have agents or employees, you may want to give them their own personal web space; this will encourage them to connect to their clients.

While the process of driving traffic to your website never truly ends, it does get much easier. Once you have reached a certain point, the bulk of the traffic will continue to come in without significant interference; you'll simply need to build upon the foundation you have created.

By Travis Shafer
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