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Mouse Pads

Feature your brand or logo on a gift that your clients will use regularly with our promotional mouse pads and computer mice. Our mouse pads have a variety of unique features such as phone holders, picture frames and cushy wrist pads. And don’t forget, all of our products come in a variety of printing and color options. Shop our selection below to see our top rated but call us to hear about all we can offer you.
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Mouse Pads
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Round Mouse Pad

as low as $0.93 ea.
from $0.93 to $1.56 ea.
Accessorize client’s desks with the custom Round Mouse Pad imprinted with your company logo. Perfect for companies with circular artwork looking for great promotional product. (read more)

Rectangular Shaped Mouse Pad - Soft Top

as low as $1.18 ea.
from $1.18 to $1.99 ea.
Print your logo onto the custom Rectangular Mouse Pad and gift an item everyone uses. This high quality inexpensive mouse pad on desks will award the brand awareness you want. (read more)

Economy Rectangle Mouse Pad

as low as $0.82 ea.
from $0.82 to $0.91 ea.
With the Economy Rectangle Mouse Pad insure your clients or co-workers glide their mouse with ease looking at your large custom imprinted logo and name all day. (read more)

Origin'L Fabric Surface Mouse Pads

as low as $1.49 ea.
from $1.49 to $1.79 ea.
Custom Mouse Pad with your company or organization information imprinted on industry standard durable Origin’L Fabric for a superior promotional product. (read more)

Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad w/ Wrist Rest

as low as $5.12 ea.
from $5.12 to $7.32 ea.
Protect your customers’ strained hands and wrists by giving them a custom Solid Jersey Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest and they will thank you! (read more)

Rectangle 1/8" Foam Mouse Pad

as low as $1.16 ea.
from $1.16 to $2.27 ea.
Looking to promote your tech or computer based business without spending a fortune? custom Rectangle Foam Mouse Pads are the item you are looking for! (read more)

Mini Retractable Mouse

as low as $5.98 ea.
from $5.98 to $8.72 ea.
Have your custom logo or image hooked up to your computer with a custom Mini Retractable Mouse. A retractable cord and small size opens more desk space. (read more)

Rectangle 1/8" Rubber Mouse Pad

as low as $1.53 ea.
from $1.53 to $2.63 ea.
Have people remembering your company with your name custom printed on this Rectangle Rubber Mouse Pad as they click, scroll, and browse the web. (read more)

Rectangle 1/4" Rubber Mouse Pad

as low as $1.70 ea.
from $1.70 to $3.16 ea.
This custom Rectangle Rubber Mouse Pad can have any custom logo or name imprinted. This inexpensive option is great for any company spread their message! (read more)

Freedom Wireless Mouse

as low as $13.67 ea.
from $13.67 to $25.48 ea.
Break free of cords and cables with the Freedom Wireless Mouse. Add a custom logo or image to truly connect with this wireless mouse. (read more)

Crossroads Mousepad

as low as $6.05 ea.
from $6.05 to $10.82 ea.
Exclusive Crossroads Mouse Pad featuring a wrist rest built in will deliver the message that clients can feel rest assured that you will deliver the goods. (read more)

Cutter & Buck Legacy Mouse Pad

as low as $15.01 ea.
from $15.01 to $27.46 ea.
Captivate your clients or co-workers with an always enjoyed Cutter & Buck signature promotional product crafted with Legacy Leather. (read more)

Metropolitan Mouse Pad with Phone Holder

as low as $14.56 ea.
from $14.56 to $25.28 ea.
Custom imprint this multi-tasking Metropolitan Mouse Pad that includes three separate docks and hand out a personalized mouse pad. (read more)

Optical Mini Mouse

as low as $5.53 ea.
from $5.53 to $8.66 ea.
Imprint your company or organization logo and name on our custom Optical Mini Mouse. Market in a big way with the Mini Optical Mouse. (read more)

Vector Wireless Optical Mouse

as low as $13.99 ea.
from $13.99 to $26.01 ea.
Looking for sleek and ergonomic designed that's perfect for either travel or at a desk. The Vector Wireless Optical Mouse is the perfect accessory to anyone's desk, no matter if the desk is in the office or on the plane. (read more)
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